Our garments are Hand-Tailored with attention to details and craftsmanship. Visit our custom suits or custom shirts section to see what we can do.

Custom Suits


Features of Harry the Tailor Custom Suits:

  1. Individually hand cut to your style and measurements
  2. Linings and other portions of the suit are made with the highest quality materials
  3. Button holes are hand sewn with the finest silk threads…
  4. All seams are reinforced for maximum durability
  5. Your own personal label…

Even More Features of Harry the Tailor Custom Suit Are:

  1. Underarm protectors
  2. Hand-Stitching at the collar and sleeve.


The “business casual” style of dress code has become more acceptable in some offices where there is not much contact with other professionals, executives or outside customers.  But if you are a woman in a high-profile position, such as an attorney, company executive, salesperson, or you just want to dress for success, consider a custom-made business suit made by Harry the Tailor!

Custom Suits in Ft Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale Custom Jackets

Custom Jackets

We offer custom jackets apart from the custom suit. Each jacket is fully custom and fitted to your measurements. Choose from the variety of fabrics and coordinate individual suit separates.