Women’s Suits

Women’s Suits at Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale!

Custom-made women’s suits are necessary to look your best!

The “business casual” style of dress code has become more acceptable in some offices where there is not much contact with other professionals, executives or outside customers.  But if you are a woman in a high-profile position, such as an attorney, company executive, salesperson, or you just want to dress for success, consider a custom-made business suit made by Harry the Tailor!

Even more so than men, women have unique body shapes and measurements.  Are you hippy or top heavy?  Thin or chubby, tall or short?Not many women can buy clothing off-the-rack in the same size, every time, and expect it to fit right.  Admit it—you take two or three sizes of the same outfit into the dressing room to try on!  And even if you find something that looks reasonably well, you will usually spend more money and time gettingalterations in order for it to fit better.

Why bother with that hassle when you can visit Harry the Tailor?  The professionals there will measure you completely so that the custom suit they create for you will be made to fit your body and no one else’s.  With a wide range of fabrics and styles to choose from, you are certain to look your best in the courtroom or boardroom in suits custom made with quality and craftsmanship by Harry the Tailor!

You will go one place, not 10 different stores, to get the right suit made just for you.  You will usually visit Harry the Tailor two or three times: first to get measured and select the style and fabric; second to try on the end product.  During the second visit, you and the tailor will check every angle of the fit to determine if there are any further adjustments necessary to make it the perfect fit.  Depending on the adjustments necessary, you may need to come back and pick up the end product—you will not be disappointed!


At Harry the Tailor, you will get custom tailoring and suits that feature:

  • Individually hand cut to your style and measurements
  • Linings and other portions of the suit are made with the highest quality materials
  • Button holes are hand sewn with the finest silk threads
  • All seams are reinforced for maximum durability
  • Your own private label
  • Underarm protectors
  • Hand-stitching at the collar and sleeve


Call Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale today!

Don’t waste your money on off-the-rack clothing that is too tight in some places, baggy in others.  Don’t settle on a style, fabric or color that is “just ok” because it fits reasonably well.  Look your best in a suit that you have chosen made by Harry the Tailor.

Made from the finest materials and with quality precision at competitive prices, Harry’s custom-made clothing will look great for years to come.  Call 954-563-3811today to see how Harry can make you look and feel better and more professional with your custom-made clothing.  Harry the Tailor is conveniently located in The Roselli Building at 3471 North Federal Hwy #100, Fort Lauderdale, FL33306.