Spring and Summer Fashions at Harry the Tailor

Spring is here—lighten up your wardrobe!

Spring has finally sprung, which means warmer weather is (hopefully) here to stay for a while. It’s time to put the heavy clothing into storage and replace them with the lighter and breezier materials for the months to come.

Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale can help you update your attire with great fabrics made for the warmer weather. Even in the dog days of summer, the linens, seersucker and other lightweight fabrics will keep you cool, while still looking great.

Here are some guidelines in choosing the best materials for spring and summer:


Light Weight

This should really go without saying. You want cloth that is physically light. The less ounces/grams of textile piled up on your skin, the less work you’re doing and the easier it is for air to circulate.



This is just as important as light weight, if not more so! You need air circulating over your body to stay cool. Fabric that doesn’t breathe well will trap both sweat and hot air near your skin, leading to rapid overheating.

Finer threads, looser weaves, and more porous materials all help add to a textile’s breathability. Artificial fibers are typically non-breathable, and will make a garment more likely to keep sweat and air in.

Sun Protection

Most men spend less time thinking about sun protection than they should. Even dark-skinned men will feel the heat more in the sun, regardless of whether their skin can burn or not, and lighter-skinned men can find themselves in a lot of pain if they’re not careful.
Fortunately, classic men’s styles lend themselves well to full-body protection. Long sleeves and full trouser legs can be more cooling than a T-shirt and shorts in the right conditions. And light colors will reflect far more sunlight than darker shades, keeping your clothes themselves from growing warmer in the sun.

So what are the best hot-weather fabrics?


Linen is one of the joys of summer menswear. It’s light, breathable, and has a unique texture that makes it stand out in an ensemble. Some men dislike it because it wrinkles too easily, but the lightly-wrinkled texture is part of the charm of linen, and higher-quality linens are woven tightly enough that the wrinkling is minimal.


We don’t usually think of wool as a hot-weather fabric. Most of its properties make it ideal in the winter, and typical wool suits are both thick and heavy.
There are, however, a few kinds of “tropical-weight” wools meant for summer wear. The more common kind are essentially the same worsted or flannel wool of a conventional suiting, but made with very thin, light threads to reduce weight.
An alternative technique uses a looser weave to make the wool more breathable, but twists the individual threads much tighter to compensate for the loss in strength. Fresco wool is probably the most famous example of these high-twist wools, which tend to be expensive but even lighter and more comfortable than traditional lightweight wool.


Breathable, lightweight cotton is mostly limited to specific summer weaves. Here are a few of the most common examples:
• Poplin – Poplin has a faint dimpled texture that comes from using two different sizes of threads in the weave. The dimples make tiny air pockets, making the garment much more breathable and faster-drying than a flat weave.
• Seersucker – Probably the lightest cotton weave, seersucker is very comfortable. It has a much more distinctive dimple pattern than poplin, giving it a wrinkled appearance. Seersucker is used for shirts (usually short-sleeved), trousers, and suits, though the latter are usually not seen outside the United States.
• Madras – Madras is a specific weave, but is best known as a dyed plaid pattern. Whether it boasts the specific plaid or not it’s a lightweight summer staple used for shorts, shirts, and jackets. The surface is smoother than seersucker or poplin, but a very loose weave keeps it breathable.

Visit Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale for your custom-made spring and summer wardrobe.

There are several more fabrics, like silk and blends that can be great choices for warm weather. Harry the Tailor will provide you with all the choices of material you are looking for with a great fit.

Call 954-563-3811 today to see how Harry can make you look and feel better and more professional with your custom-made spring and summer clothing.


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