Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale Will Spruce You Up for the Holidays!

Stand out in your custom-made suits, tuxedos and shirts.

Yes, it’s the holiday season and you’ll be invited to several parties and get-togethers.   Make a great impression and look your best in suits, shirts, jackets, slacks and even tuxedos, custom-made to fit you perfectly!

Whether it’s an end-of-year business celebration, black tie event or your neighborhood house party, you will certainly stand out from the crowd when you arrive in custom clothing made by Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale!  Going to a fancy New Year’s Eve gala?  We can custom-fit you in a tuxedo or formalwear that will get you noticed!

You’ve probably noticed the “off-the-rack” clothes that just don’t fit right.  Not many of us have the perfectly proportioned builds that these clothes are meant to fit.  Off-the-rack clothing is typically machine made in large batches, and tend to be cut loose to fit on as many men in the given size range as possible. You’ll wind up with the blowsy shirt, the jacket that fits your shoulders, but is too small to button, the dreaded wedgie in the pants.  Tailored clothing will remedy those issues.

Thus, as mentioned, these patterns fit a hundred different shapes; however it’s worth noting that they usually fit all of them poorly.  A mass-produced garment is going to need adjusting in multiple places before it fits your body somewhat attractively.

Unfortunately, the cheap nature of the product often makes adjusting it difficult as there is little extra fabric to open seams or a poor fabric was used that leaves marks where the seam formerly was.

Although off the rack suits come in many patterns and styles, when you buy an off the rack suit you will almost always have to alter it–at least the sleeves and the length of the pants. Always have in mind that you will have to spend some additional amount of money on alterations. It is also advisable to have some good tailor that can make those alterations. Off the rack suits will not fit you perfectly and that’s why you have to alter them to your measurements.

Ok, so you’re convinced to go “custom-made”.  Why go with Harry the tailor?

Harry the Tailor measures you completely to ensure the clothes fit YOU! Made from a huge selection of the finest material at very competitive prices, Harry’s custom suits offer the following features:

  • Individually hand cut to your style and measurements
  • Linings and other portions of the suit are made with the highest quality materials
  • Button holes are hand sewn with the finest silk threads
  • All seams are reinforced for maximum durability
  • Your own private label
  • Underarm protectors
  • Hand- Stitching at the collar and sleeve

Our custom shirts include:

  • 22 to 24 stitches per inch in sewing construction
  • Seams finished using specialized French Binding
  • Four piece collars
  • Hand sewn, mother of pearl buttons
  • 156 stitches per button hole
  • Fabric patterns on the shirt are matched across the front and very importantly from the split yoke to the sleeve
  • Matching sleeve pleats and fabric which is cut on the grain to prevent twisting

Call Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale today!

Made from the finest materials and with quality precision, Harry’s custom-made clothing will look great for years to come.  Call 954-563-3811 today to see how Harry can make you look and feel better and more professional with your custom-made clothing.

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