Ft. Lauderdale Tailor for Custom Made Shirts

You’ve probably heard the phrases “Clothes make the man” and “Dress for success.”  How you dress is a key factor to increasing your confidence level and projecting an air of success.  If you observe successful businessmen, they usually invest in their appearance.  No matter what body type you have, a custom made shirt will always look better than off-the rack!

Off the rack garments are often an inferior fit, and while you may be lucky and find something that does fit you reasonably well, you will never achieve a perfect fit that comes from having clothes made especially for you.  Custom tailors create each garment with skill, care and pride, to ensure that every item created is the best that is possibly can be. Having clothes that fit correctly is essential for looking and feeling at your best. Men’s custom shirts are a vital element of any well-dressed man’s attire.

Should you be judged by what you wear?  Perhaps not, but the reality is, of course, that you are judged.

If you are job hunting, conducting a presentation, attending a board meeting or any other business activity where you are on “display”, the first impression you make is extremely important.  Before you utter a word, people are noticing your physical appearance.  If you are dressed in a shirt or suit that is ill-fitting, your potential boss or investors may presume that you are a slouch or someone who doesn’t care enough.

Did you know that almost all of the clothing sold in the United States is made for the lowest wage available, in the fewest sizes possible, to maximize profit?  With all different body types, how can that be possible?  The answer is that it’s not—off the rack clothing simply doesn’t fit most people.

Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale makes high-quality custom shirts.

Harry the Tailor’s custom shirts are made to your individual requirements and size by a skilled and experienced custom tailor. They are created from the best fabrics in an assortment of great styles.  Features of all shirts made by Harry are:

  • Buttonholes are all cut by hand
  • Over 25 collar styles to choose from
  • French or single cuff with a choice between 17 different styles
  • 22 to 24 stitches per inch in sewing construction
  • Seams finished using specialized French Binding
  • Four piece collars
  • Hand sewn, mother of pearl buttons
  • 156 stitches per button hole
  • Fabric patterns on the shirt are matched across the front and very importantly from the split yoke to the sleeve
  • Matching sleeve pleats and fabric which is cut on the grain to prevent twisting

Also available, if desired at no extra charge:

  • Can be monogrammed with your initials
  • Hidden buttons
  • Contrasting cuffs and collars
  • Permanent or removable stays
  • Pockets – one, two or more
  • Long tails

Get your custom shirt from Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale.

Call 954-563-3811 today to see how Harry can make you look better and more professional with your custom-made shirt.  You can visit Harry’s Haberdashery at The Roselli Building, 3471 North Federal Hwy #100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306.




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