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Are custom shirts worth the price?

If the shirt you’re wearing right now isn’t a custom-made shirt, chances are it really doesn’t fit you. Unless your frame falls into the small percentage of the “average” everyman upon which standard off-the-rack shirts are cut, overwhelming odds say that shirt is not your best asset. Considering your shirt is perhaps the most conspicuous piece of clothing you wear every day, your ill-fitting shirt is probably your biggest clothing faux-pas. The vast fabric acreage around your midsection that hangs like a sail, your pirate shirt sleeves and your unfortunate drooping collar expansiveness; does not make a good impression.

The idea of a skilled tailor wrapping his measuring tape around you and cutting fabric designed to drape over your individual form has long been considered a fiscally indefensible luxury, but not so much anymore. Today, thanks to advances in technology, a competitive market and consumer demand, custom clothing has moved within the barrel-cuffed arm’s reach of the common man.

With an off-the-rack shirt, the fit, style and fabric are left up to you and the manufacturer. Custom made shirts offer so many choices it’s hard to know where to start. Collars can be button down, spread, wide spread or English. Cuffs are barrel or French, round or square — even sometimes at an angle. And should a shirt have side pleats in the back, a pocket in the front, long tails or monogramming? That’s not to mention color, pattern or even stitching style.

Buying custom dress shirts can seem like a big leap and an added expense to your wardrobe; however, the average custom dress shirt isn’t going to cost you that much more than buying one of very high quality from a department store.

When you buy custom shirts, you’ll be getting the right fit each time and the exact specifications you’ve always wanted when it comes to everything from fabric choice to neck type to the buttons on the shirt. You will also end up with a high-quality shirt that’s made to last. Once you have your measurements taken, you can re-order from the same tailor, saving you time and money from searching through department store racks only to end up with a poor-fitting shirt. For most men who want a fine wardrobe and to look their best each day, buying custom dress shirts just makes sense. Why pair fine clothes with average shirts?

Ft. Lauderdale’s Harry the Tailor offers custom shirts in many fabrics and styles

At Harry’s Haberdashery, our tailored shirts are cut to your style and measurements. We offer a wide variety of fabrics to create a garment which not only represents the very latest in apparel designs, but also exhibits quality and durability. We do not charge extra for many standard details like monograms, white collar and/or cuffs, stays (permanent or removable), pockets (one, two or more), long tails, or French cuffs. All of our shirts have the following features:

  • 22 to 24 stitches per inch in sewing construction
  • Seams finished using specialized French Binding
  • Four piece collars
  • Hand sewn, mother of pearl buttons
  • 156 stitches per button hole
  • Fabric patterns on the shirt are matched across the front and very importantly from the split yoke to the sleeve
  • Matching sleeve pleats and fabric which is cut on the grain to prevent twisting

Get your custom shirt from Harry the Tailor in Ft.

Call 954-563-3811 today to see how Harry can make you look better and more professional with your custom-made shirt. You can visit Harry’s Haberdashery at The Roselli Building, 3471 North Federal Hwy #100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306.

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