Custom-Made Women’s Suits in Ft. Lauderdale!

Tailored women’s suits will increase your professionalism!

Few men and women fall exactly into a specific clothing size. For a suit to look good, it is imperative that it fits perfectly. Anyone considering buying a suit should see Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale! The professional tailors there will ensure that you are measured accurately, so that the suit fits YOU!

Many people assume that they already know their measurements. While most men’s clothing sizing is based on inches and does not very from brand to brand, women’s sizing can be vastly different between designers.

Most men and women also assume that their size is relatively stable when in fact, a person’s size can shift over time. Because a perfect fit is so important for a suit to look good, always get measured before buying a suit. This will ensure that any suit that is purchased will fit as well as it possibly can, and this makes it easier for a tailor to do a good job.

Few items of clothing are as complex as women’s suits. A staple for many female executives, a women’s suit must walk the fine line between business garment and fashion statement.

Some women prefer understated styling in their suits, while others prefer more flair. Regardless of the styling details, the cut has to exude professionalism without compromising femininity. The fit must also be just right.

Petite women often have trouble finding women’s suits, as most are cut too long for them. Curvy body types struggle to find women’s suit jackets that fit at the bust line but aren’t huge everywhere else. Women with hips have a hard time finding women’s suit pants that fit without gapping at the waist.

Fit issues aside, an added problem exists: should you find a women’s suit brand with a style and fit you like, you are then limited to just a handful of choices. This is the result of the sheer number of style preferences possible coupled with the fact that women vary vastly when it comes to body types. When all is said and done, off-the-rack women’s suit designers can’t account for all these possible combinations within their collections.

Suits are highly structured items of clothing, and the way they fall on a person’s body depends upon a good fit. A suit covers the whole body, so a person with large shoulders but small hips may find that their body shape does not conform to one suit size. Even those whose measurements exactly match one size may find that each individual brand or suit style will have minute variations.

A bespoke suit that has been custom made by Harry the Tailor will always perfectly fit and flatter the wearer. Fitted to perfection, our suits are constructed to the highest quality with the style and look that you want.

Look great in a woman’s suit made by Harry the Tailor in Ft. Lauderdale.

Look your best in a suit that you have chosen made by Harry the Tailor. Made from the finest materials and with quality precision at competitive prices, Harry’s custom-made clothing will look great for years to come.

Call 954-563-3811 today to see how Harry can make you look and feel better and more professional with your custom-made clothing. Harry the Tailor is conveniently located in The Roselli Building at 3471 North Federal Hwy #100, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306.

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